Here at Attunement Acupuncture, we are passionate about helping women overcome gender-specific health concerns. Our acupuncturist, Danielle, is trained to use Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the treatment of many issues including menopause, PMS, painful periods, irregular menses, ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, UTI, infertility, anxiety, and depression.

While there are many Western treatments to help women overcome these health challenges, many involve taking drugs, using hormone treatments, or undergoing surgery. Acupuncture and other TCM treatments like herbalism, homeopathy, essential oils, and moxibustion are effective ways to assist existing treatments like IVF or help resolve issues like irregular or painful periods.

TCM works with the body’s natural flow of life force energy or “Qi” to unblock stagnation and promote holistic healing. In fact, acupuncture can address the energy meridian called the Conception Vessel which is found in the area of the mouth to the perineum. Treating this meridian with the appropriate TCM remedies can improve energy level, relieve stress, improve libido, regulate periods and ovulation, and treat digestive disorders. As you can see from this simple example, every aspect of treatment addresses every aspect of your health issue.

If you have never worked with an acupuncturist before, you may be wondering what to expect once you have made an appointment at Attunement Acupuncture. Here is a very rapid breakdown:

First, you will meet with Danielle who will ask you questions about your health and listen to every issue you may have. This is an essential step in your journey to wellness as Danielle’s job here is to allow you to guide her toward the right solution. During this initial discussion and examination, she will also take your pulse and look at your tongue to assist her in getting a full understanding of your Qi.

Next, you and Danielle will discuss treatment. A natural, holistic solution can be found within the purview of Traditional Chinese Medicine. There are many pain-free and side effect-free options available to you, from acupuncture to gua sha to NET to moxibustion. Depending on your health issue, the right solution will present itself.

Finally, you and Danielle with discover the best treatment plan. TCM is a natural methodology and requires several consecutive sessions for you to achieve a permanent solution to your health challenge. You may need to come in for 6-8 treatments to obtain stable gains. It also may be necessary for you to change your dietary habits or begin using herbal remedies to help speed the healing process.

Every aspect of your health will be considered here at Attunement Acupuncture. Our goal is to assist your body’s natural ability to heal itself. If you are interested in working with us toward improved health, contact Attunement Acupuncture today and make an appointment.

My treatments with Dani have been amazing. I have seen her on a weekly basis now for about two months. I began going to her because of siactica back pain due to my pregnancy. Within two treatments the nerve pain was completely gone and we have been able to maintain that as well as work on other personal goals and targeted areas as well. I am thrilled with the results! I would recommend her to anyone (pregnant or not!). She is comfortable to be around and super knowledgeable about the trade!

You have to see Dani!!V.M.

Danielle Brunner has been my go-to practitioner for acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and cupping for the past year. She is a consummate professional, excellent at what she does and I highly recommend her.

Her treatment room is elegantly furnished, super clean, and a relaxing place to go for healing. As a practitioner, Danielle combines exceptional knowledge with impressive intuition that gives her clients the best chance for healing and resolving the maladies that brought them to her.

She has help to heal me from headaches, pain, hormone imbalances, and colds as well as providing the ultra relaxing benefits that acupuncture and cupping offer. If you're looking for a great practitioner who is friendly, kind, and a real pro, give Danielle a shot.


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