by C.A.

My daily stress level is crippling, so I noticed right away when I started to relax as I entered Attunement Acupuncture. My session with Dani was my first experience with NET (Neuro Emotional Technique). NET helped me to release emotions that have become road blocks. Dani was very supportive during this process. Being in a safe space with a compassionate healer allowed me to let go. Now, I feel lighter and clearly focused. Truly Amazing!

by O.N.

I have tried many places where I would get very decent acupuncture therapy. Across the country … Chicago, Charlotte, San Fransisco, Seattle. In each of those cities, I had one place I would pick from several good ones. In Portland – this is it.

Very personal, friendly, and detail oriented approach by Dani separates her from many other good places.

I don’t feel like another patient of a mediocre doctor in a huge medical center where it takes you about an hour just to park and find a faceless office, where they pretend to listen… prescribe some most commercial drugs and send you out in hopes to increase a dosage next time you see them.

I’m probably the oldest patient (have been seeing Dani regularly in the past 18 months) and can now testify to her care, knowledge, and skills. I’m telling you all – if you need acupuncture, this is the place to go to!

by D.K.

If you’re looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals to treat an ailment, acupuncture is a centuries old proven method. It helps your body heal itself, just as eating healthier, regular exercise & herbs do…without the many side effects chemicals & pills can cause. Contrary to what you may think, it’s a pain free process (a mosquito bite hurts more). I’ve used acupuncture in the past for various conditions with very good & lasting results.

Danielle is incredibly knowledgable, informative & takes a personal interest in her patients. Her calming demeanor & professionalism is as good as it gets. I saw her for my post prostate surgery condition (ED) as Viagra & Cialis, which are VERY expensive, weren’t living up to their claims. I am happy to say I experienced better than expected results after my first session & have scheduled several follow up treatments.

Whether you’re suffering from back pain, ED, excess stress or some other chronic health dis-ease, I’d highly recommend seeing Danielle.

by R.E.

This was my first experience with acupuncture. Very calming and felt very relaxed on my way home . Would recommend highly.

by D.J.

Amazing Progress

I have multiple issues. Danielle works through the issues systematically. I’m truly amazed by the quick results. She is amazing! I recommend her to all my friends!

by J.K.


Great service and results we quicker then expected. I would recommend Attunement Acupuncture to anybody without hesitation:)

by J.C.

First Experience

I was somewhat nervous being my first experience and not knowing what to expect. However, Danielle’s professionalism quickly put my mind at ease. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to a long relationship.

by V.O.

Love It

I absolutely love this place. It’s helped so much in my journey to recovery and I have Danielle to thank! She is great at what she does. I would highly recommend this place.

Great 1st Experience!

I tried the de-stress treatment and it was a great introduction for me to acupuncture. Danielle definitely went above and beyond my expectations! And the office atmosphere was very peaceful, which helped me relax.

by L.W.

Appointment With Dani

Dani is an extremely professional. Lady.She is very good at what she does.I plan to make more time with her in the near future.I’d highly recommend her to my friends.

by V.R.

Acupuncture For Elbow Pain

I had my second treatment a few days ago, and I am pain-free in my elbow. Danielle is very calming and very efficient. Her place of practice has a pleasant, calming atmosphere.

by M.S.

Classy And Professional

She is as pretty, as she is kind, and as she is good at her profession. Very professional as well as personable & considerate. I would recommend her to anyone seeking relief from what ever ails you. Thank-You Dani, I look forward to my next appointment!

by J.G.

Accupuncture Is My New Fav!!

Danielle did a great job explaining the concept of accupuncture! It makes perfect sense to get my body in sync. Loved it and I am optimistic that my anxiety/hive symptoms will be much improved in short time!! I feel blessed to have discovered this approach to my ongoing goal of health and wellness! Danielle is professional and does a great job explaining how, why and what she is doing through out the session.

by V.M.

You Have To See Dani!!

My treatments with Dani have been amazing. I have seen her on a weekly basis now for about two months. I began going to her because of siactica back pain due to my pregnancy. Within two treatments the nerve pain was completely gone and we have been able to maintain that as well as work on other personal goals and targeted areas as well. I am thrilled with the results! I would recommend her to anyone (pregnant or not!). She is comfortable to be around and super knowledgeable about the trade!

by S.C.

Appointment With Dani

Dani is extremely talented lady! She is very dedicated to helping her clients and working on the best outcome for them. I would highly recommend her for any of her services.

Felt Like I Was 10 Years Younger

I felt relaxed and rejuvenated after my treatment with Dani. Great service! She hit points that I have never had treated before. I slept like a baby that night!

by C.A.

Attunement Acupuncture

Attunement Acupuncture. My session with Dani was my first experience with NET (Neuro Emotional Technique). NET helped me to release emotions that have become road blocks. Dani was very supportive during this process. Being in a safe space with a compassionate healer allowed me to let go. Now, I feel lighter and clearly focused. Truly Amazing!

by C.A.

Attunement Acupuncture

Attunement Acupuncture. My session with Dani was my first experience with NET (Neuro Emotional Technique). NET helped me to release emotions that have become road blocks. Dani was very supportive during this process. Being in a safe space with a compassionate healer allowed me to let go. Now, I feel lighter and clearly focused. Truly Amazing!

Great With Kids!

Dani has helped my young daughter with digestive and stress issues over the past year or so. She has a great way of explaining the various procedures and putting my daughter at her ease. The treatments have helped and my daughter loves her!

by D.K.

Alternatives To Pharmaceuticals

Seems there’s a pill for every ailment today (most having adverse side effects), but people forget or are unaware of time proven natural alternatives that work. Things like eating better, herbs & acupuncture. Acupuncture’s been used for thousands of years effectively enabling the body to heal itself, run smoother & eliminate dis-ease. Danielle is exceptionally knowledgeable, adept, informative, relaxing & personally concerned. I felt better after first visit. I highly recommend her. =)

by E.A.

First Visite

I was very impressed with how easy Danielle was to talk to about my health problems. Her Questions were very specific, no beating around the bush here. It was my first Acupuncture treatment and she was very good about explaining what she was going to do and what I should expect. I would definitely recommend her.

by L.V.

First Time

AThis was my first experience with acupuncture and even though my treatment time was short, Danielle did a great job educating me on the process and potential benefits to acupuncture and the other services she offers. She is very personable, knowledgeable, and would definitely recommend.

by J.K.

First Time Ever.

Danielle is delightful. She asked all the important questions regarding why I was there. I had no reservations about her or the needles. I mentioned that nothing could be as painful as what I was already experiencing. The session was painless and I was happy to be the subject of a new procedure. It has only been an hour since I left her table, so it is too early to discern the efficacy of the treatment. Time will tell. I have already scheduled another appointment in two days.

by P.W.

Great Place

Excellent staff and the Owner is without a doubt the best in the field. She takes to listen and provide you the best service available. If you are seeking after or want a highly professional place for both body and mind healing, look no further! Because it’s at attunement!

by J.S.

Great First Experience With Acupuncture

New to acupuncture, I have recently starting going to Attunement Acupuncture and have been repeatedly surprised by Danielle’s thoughtfulness and knowledge. It was clear from the onset that I wasn’t just another patient to Danielle but that she truly wanted to help me. I am certain that I’ve found a great place and have no doubt I will continue coming back!

by A.K.

A Truly Wonderful Acupuncturist And Healer

From the moment I walked in the door and met Danielle, I knew I would never need to look for an acupuncturist again. She has continued to prove this to be true, and I am more impressed and grateful with each session I have. Danielle is personable and warm, with a clear knowledge and understanding of the human body, pain, and the desire to get better that is within us! She really took the time to understand me and to listen. This was the foundation for openness and healing, and I’m so grateful!

by A.S.

Very Personable Acupuncturist

Danielle is great. She takes her time listening to your concerns and has an in depth intake medical history form. The treatment I received was great and effective. I look forward to future appointments.

by B.O.


Danielle is a rare find. She is in tune with truly helping me get better. Someone in the health care industry that truly cars for her clients. GO see her for any mind, body or spiritual advice

by D.M.


Danny is amazing, this was my first experience with Acupuncture, very easy to talk to, asked indepth questions and verified her understanding of my problem, offered very good suggestions and explained everything to my understanding, all the while being very supporting and making me feel very comfortable with the process.

by R.W.


Danny was incredibly knowledgeable and very welcoming. I felt comfortable and relaxed during my treatment. I would absolutely recommend her for acupuncture and cupping! She did a fantastic job!

by G.C.

Dani Is An Effective And Passionate Healer

I would highly recommend Danielle Brunner for acupuncture, including diagnosis and treatment. Danielle asks tons of questions and takes copious notes. She reads me like a book and treats me accordingly. If she told me she needed to do open heart surgery I would trust her.

by R.F.

Treatment Beyond Needles

I came to see Danielle for two reasons. one, because my previous acupuncturist retired but mostly because I have the pleasure of knowing Danielle outside the clinic setting. I completely trust her and did not question her professionalism nor her passion for what she does. Danielle is thorough, she asks many questions regarding why and what to treat. She approaches each session with direction and an openness to other areas she ‘feels’ the need for treatment. I recommend her services to anyone.

by D.J.

Enlightening Experience

I have not had acupuncture for years and suddenly had the urge to re visit the experience, if I could find a competent practitioner. I felt good about Danielle Brunner’s credentials and scheduled an appointment. Danielle was very professional and her talent shined through. She is good at was she does, because she pursues it with passion and commitment. I will schedule more appointments with Danelle and would not hesitate to recommended he services to anyone.

by R.J.

Great Experience

Acupuncture is an interesting science and Danielle knows her stuff. I’m a believer now and really thankful for her expert care.

by J.G.


I recently found myself in need of a good acupuncturist to help with hormonal changes, PMS, and with feeling stuck in my life, and I could not be happier that I found Danielle at Attunement Acupuncture. From the moment I walked in to the beautiful and welcoming lobby, throughout my appointment and treatment, and even the payment at the end when she provided me with information and resources to support continued healing, the experience was exceptional. I’m not someone who writes a lot of reviews, but I find Danielle’s open-hearted compassion and non-judgemental professionalism noteworthy. Don’t let her unassuming nature fool you, however. She is a powerhouse of knowledge, skill and intuition: from the full range of acupuncture services to Chinese medicine and the innovative Neuro Emotional Technique that helps people get “unstuck” emotionally, she’s got a full toolbox to use in service of her clients. She is, in short, amazing.

by K.C.


I had my first appointment at Attunement Acupuncture and it was very relaxing. Danielle is great to work with and she really listens to your needs.

by H.B.

Danielle Is The

Ever since I started my acupuncture treatment I am a new person. Danielle helped me with my back pain, sciatic nerve, stress, stomach, and digestion. Danielle and her treatments made the difference in my life. Give it a try… It works.

by J.K.

Results For Pain, Depression, Grief, And Intimacy

I’ve seen Dani eleven times for several conditions including pain, depression, grief and one of, mmm…intimacy. All of which have improved. I am very pleased with the results of this treatment. I had no illusions that I would be anything like my younger self but, what I’m experiencing is much improved from what it was two months ago.

by D.J.

Results Already

I just had my second visit and already seeing amazing results. Danielle is very thorough about documenting progress even though I had multiple issues. After the first visit my mid back and shoulder pain was almost unnoticeable. The treatments are very relaxing. Danielle is truly amazing! I recommend her to all my friends.

by A.P.

Calming Acupuncture With Great Results

Danielle has been a significant help to my recent neck and back pain, she has also educated me in a procedure of which I had previously looked a upon as more of a hocus pocus profession than true Chinese medicine, and has convinced me that it holds positive solutions to most of our human ailments.

by B.N.

Stress Reliever

Dani or Danielle was very helpful in explaining the ins and outs of Acupuncture. I was on the training mission to try this new to me treatment. I was hoping for a relaxing session and added stress relief. She was professional, and knowledgeable and I was relieved of stress. Thanks Danielle