Moxibustion or moxa is a form of holistic heat therapy used in Traditional Chinese Medicine – both with acupuncture and on its own. When you see moxibustion performed, practitioners often use a wool-like substance or a pressed stick. This contains the herb mugwort, which has been used in China and around the world in folk remedies for thousands for years.

The practice of using mugwort when providing therapy is as old as acupuncture itself and is often used to assist treatment when acupuncture alone isn’t working as rapidly as it should. The intention of this treatment is to warm and invigorate the flow of Qi in the meridians. If your body has slow or stagnant Qi, moxa can be used to encourage the smooth, rapid flow of your life force  energy.

While many TCM practitioners use moxa to benefit patients receiving acupuncture, many conditions can be effectively treated with moxibustion alone. These include:

  • Sluggish digestion
  • Cold sensitivity
  • Fluid retention
  • PMS or extreme menstrual cramps
  • Fertility issues
  • Joint pain or injury
  • Low blood sugar
  • Depression, anxiety, or stress-related mood challenges.

There are several ways to administer moxibustion. Often, a practitioner will light a stick of moxa until it is smoking and then hold it quite close to an acupuncture point, warming the area. The heat from the moxa is driven down into the acupuncture point, opening up the internal energy meridians. TCM practitioners also use the more direct method of applying smoking moxa directly to the skin – with a barrier between the skin and the smoking moxa ball
Many patients find the moxibustion warm and soothing, with the warmth spreading out and radiating down specific pathways. This indicates that the treatment is assisting Qi to flow down a previously stagnant channel.

Have you found that holistic or natural remedies aren’t entirely resolving your health difficulties? Have you used Western treatments to no effect? Moxibustion may be the right solution to your health challenge. Be sure to contact Attunement Acupuncture today to find out more about moxa and discover if this treatment is best for you.

Danny is amazing, this was my first experience with Acupuncture, very easy to talk to, asked indepth questions and verified her understanding of my problem, offered very good suggestions and explained everything to my understanding, all the while being very supporting and making me feel very comfortable with the process.


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