Men have particular health issues like erectile dysfunction, infertility, prostate problems, incontinence, stress, anxiety, and more. Even though these concerns are genuine and can alter a man’s lifestyle, 60% of men don’t seek care when they encounter a medical problem.

If you or your significant other is having health issues, it’s important to get care. Traditional Chinese Medicine can offer solutions like acupuncture, cupping, homeopathy, herbal remedies, and more for men who either have not found the results they seek with Western medicine – or who simply want more holistic solutions.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect when you arrive at Attunement Acupuncture for your appointment:

First, Danielle will greet you, ask you questions about your health, examine your pulse, look at your tongue, and listen to all of your concerns. It may be that you come to Attunement Acupuncture to treat erectile dysfunction or fertility issues – or it could be that you are struggling with gastrointestinal discomfort or anxiety. No matter your health concern, Danielle is first and foremost going to listen to your struggles and your needs.

Next, you and Danielle will discuss treatment. A natural, holistic solution can be found within the purview of Traditional Chinese Medicine. There are many options available to you, from acupuncture to gua sha to NET to moxibustion. Depending on your health issue, the right solution will present itself.

Finally, you and Danielle with discover the best treatment plan. TCM is a natural methodology and requires several sessions for you to achieve a permanent solution to your health challenge. You may need to come in for 6-8 treatments to reach long-standing improvement. It also may be necessary for you to change your dietary habits or begin using herbal remedies to help speed the healing process.

Here at Attunement Acupuncture, we address your body as a whole, providing solutions for your health challenges that not only assist in healing your distinct area of concern but can boost your overall health. This is done by working with you to find the right treatment for your difficulty. There are many solutions available for your health concern, all of which are side-effect free and can assist in overall healing.

If you are looking for a long-term treatment for your health challenges, contact Attunement Acupuncture today. We will provide you with the most effective solutions for your improved health.

Dani is an extremely professional. Lady.She is very good at what she does.I plan to make more time with her in the near future.I'd highly recommend her to my friends.

Appointment with DaniL.W.

Dani is extremely talented lady! She is very dedicated to helping her clients and working on the best outcome for them. I would highly recommend her for any of her services.

Appointment with DaniS.C.

I felt relaxed and rejuvenated after my treatment with Dani. Great service! She hit points that I have never had treated before. I slept like a baby that night!

Felt like I was 10 years youngerJ.D.

I have tried many places where I would get very decent acupuncture therapy. Across the country ... Chicago, Charlotte, San Fransisco, Seattle. In each of those cities, I had one place I would pick from several good ones. In Portland - this is it.

Very personal, friendly, and detail oriented approach by Dani separates her from many other good places.

I don't feel like another patient of a mediocre doctor in a huge medical center where it takes you about an hour just to park and find a faceless office, where they pretend to listen... prescribe some most commercial drugs and send you out in hopes to increase a dosage next time you see them.

I'm probably the oldest patient (have been seeing Dani regularly in the past 18 months) and can now testify to her care, knowledge, and skills. I'm telling you all - if you need acupuncture, this is the place to go to!


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